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Bennett Kleinberg

I am an Assistant Professor in Data Science at the Department of Security and Crime Science and the Dawes Centre for Future Crime at University College London. I also hold a guest affiliation at the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Psychology.


My research currently falls into two areas:

(1) Computational approaches to security and crime problems

With more data and a changing landscape of problems, computational techniques are an exciting way to look at existing and novel crime and security problems. I’m especially interested in emerging crime problems and understanding them through complex text data.

Techniques used: natural language processing, applied machine learning.

Ideas I’m working on:

(2) Methods of behavioural data science

Before computational methods can help us understand problems better (or at scale), we need suitable methods and tested assumptions. I’m particularly interested in building robust methods to learn about human behaviour from text and web data. Techniques: behavioural experimental research, statistical modelling, text mining.

Ideas I’m working on:

For recent talks/workshops, see here

Some of the ongoing and past projects were funded by SAGE, RUSI/GIFCT, The Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice


Ulyces (French), UCL News II, Daily Mail, Disover Magazine, YouTube SAGE, New Scientist II, BBC Newsroom, The Times, UCL News I, The Guardian, Deutsche Welle (German), Süddeutsche Zeitung (German), Volkskrant II (Dutch), Folia Magazine (Dutch), New Scientist I, BNR Newsradio, Volkskrant I (Dutch), Amsterdam FM (Dutch), Psychology Today, APA News

Research group

PhD students

Isabelle van der Vegt (website)

Felix Soldner (website)

Maximilian Mozes (website)

Daniel Hammocks (website)

Josh Kamps

Arianna Trozze

Sergi Bray

Dawes reading group

We are running a bi-weekly reading group on topics around future crime (incl. data science, policy-making). Info at

Dissertation projects



Brief CV


Review service

EMNLP 2020; Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS); 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS); Scientific Reports (Nature); Psychological Science; Computers in Human Behavior; Plos One; Perspectives on Psychological Science; Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction conference proceedings; Information; ACL 2020; AACL-IJCNLP 2020; Memory & Cognition; Applied Cognitive Psychology; Crime Science; Acta Psychologica; Personality and Individual Differences; Current Psychology; Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications; EuroCSS 2019; Computers & Security; Psychology, Crime & Law; Legal & Criminological Psychology.


All publications can be found on my Google Scholar page.


If you are interested in doing a PhD, working as a research assistant (in London or remotely) or doing a BSc/MSc dissertation, feel free to reach out to me.